FAQ - Answer to all questions
If you are still stuck after reading this feel free to join my Discord where I (or other people) can help you with any problems you are having.

An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command
Say you put in "commandname" for your command name. You are probably typing "/commandname" to start your challenge, instead, you should be typing "/commandname start" to start it.
Forge or Fabric is giving me an error when I try and load it
The challenges are Spigot plugins, not mods, so to use them you have to put them in the plugins folder of a Spigot or Paper server.
Are these plugins available on Aternos or Minehut?
Sadly, Aternos and Minehut have to approve plugins to let you use them and since this project isn’t a plugin uploaded to a trusted site (like spigotmc.org) then you cannot use them on Aternos or Minehut.
The command name I put in doesn’t seem to exist in game and there are errors in console
Contact me on my Discord server, you can ping me or DM me and say you found a bug. I will be happy to help you.
Can I use a plugin from this site in my YouTube video?
You can use any of the plugins you generated in a YouTube video as long as you put a link to the website in the description of the video.
Am I allowed to host an event with these plugins?
Yes, you are allowed to, as long as you provide a link to the website in the description of the event or something similar.
Does this project have a Discord?
Yes. Well, I have a personal Discord that also functions as the project’s Discord. Link is here.
Can you add xxxxx feature?
If you join my Discord you can drop any ideas you have into the #ideas channel, I promise I look at every single one.
How did you make this website?
I coded a custom HTTP server using Spring Boot in Java that takes JSON objects and generates a plugin, and returns a URL that the user can go to to download the file. The web client automates the filling of this JSON object and the clicking of the link.
Why did you make this website?
I coded a lot of But Challenges for my Spigot page or for YouTubers and I noticed that the whole process was very repetitive. I realized that a majority of the plugins can be made with a simple program instead of spending human labor doing it instead.
How does this site make money?
As of now, we do not. I run the site with my own money, which as you may guess, is a loss. I’d greatly appreciate it if you can donate so I can keep this site running. I may also be looking into partnerships, join my Discord and DM me if you are interested.
Can I play these challenges on Bedrock?
It is possible to play theses challenges on Bedrock if you set them up on a Spigot or Paper server and then get GeyserMC on the server. If you need help setting up GeyserMC then you can hop on over to their Discord full of helpful people that can get you all set up.
Do you make custom plugins for people?
I do make custom plugins for a few YouTubers and other people, but I only do it for money. Join my Discord and DM me a plugin idea and I will tell you how much I charge. If I can’t do the job (I am very busy) I can try to get a friend of mine to make it for you, I have a lot of friends (yes I actually do) that can make very good plugins.
Is this project open source?
No, it is not open source.
Why is this project not open source?
The project is not open source because if it was open souce people could run it locally and then I wouldn’t make any money from ads. I need this to break even because currently it just costs money to run
Where is the website hosted?
The main website is a static page hosted by AWS S3 static web page hosting. The backend API is a custom coded Java HTTP server with Spring Boot that I run on an AWS EC2 instance. The current size of the instance is just 1GB of RAM, but I will end up expanding it if I need to. I bought the domain from AWS Route 53 too.
How long did it take to make this project?
It took me quite a while, with reading docs on so many things and figuring out how HTTP, HTML, and JS work. I barely learned CSS because a friend of mine, Awhikax, was able to do the CSS for me (Thank you very very much Awhikax). In total it probably took about 35 hours but I didn’t count. All I know is that the work was definitely worth it and I hope you enjoy.